I Heart Faces — Photo Challenge: Eyes

I had this session on Friday. After seeing this week’s contest, I knew I had to find a photo of this boy and enter it. It was actually tough to pick just one photo because his eyes were so incredible in every shot. They are dark brown and twinkle. He has that way of looking into my camera and cutting through the rest of the scene with those soulful eyes, irresistible eyes. AND he was as beautiful a boy as his face suggests. Perfectly mannered, loving to his brand new baby sister, and all around adorable 5-year-old.

FYI: I did no sort of magic photoshoppery to this image other than a black and white conversion from a Kellie Hatcher preset in ACR. No eyeball sharpening or brightening.

To see more amazing eyes, head over to I Heart Faces this week by clicking the link below.

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6 Responses to I Heart Faces — Photo Challenge: Eyes

  1. Emily says:

    Beautiful eyes and great bokeh!

  2. he’s got a face that will break hearts and brighten days. A beautiful capture.

  3. what a sweet gaze! Great photo! 😀

  4. Beautiful subject and composition!

  5. tutu1525 says:

    Beautiful! What a sweetie!

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