The Tooth Fairy can’t be the only one, right?

Today, we made a fairy castle and left it on our front porch outside.
“If the fairies come and land inside, we’ll get a microscope and see them, okay?”
She was inspired by the new Tinkerbell movie on the Disney channel this week.
We googled “what do fairies eat?” Turns out they like natural kinds of foods, so we decided on peanuts.
That created a problem, though, because the birds might eat them.
Problem solved. We’d put a “no birds” sign in the castle.
“Oh, what about the ants?!”
“Don’t worry, they are very small and won’t eat too much,” I promised her.
“Do fairies get boogers?”
I told her that fairies are pretty much like tiny little people, so they probably get colds and boogers like we do.
So she put a wipie inside, right next to the bathtub.
“Do you think the mommy fairies will give the baby fairies the stickers? Like you do?”
“Yes. Absolutely.”
When she was all finished adding everything to the castle, she was very pleased with herself.
“It’s like a carnival in there!”

There is a hint of skepticism about all this magic and fairies, even as she’s building her make believe world.
Everything is hinged on the fact that the tooth fairy exists, therefore other fairies must exist. “Right?”
Even though her classmate, a bigger boy, has told her repeatedly that the tooth fairy and Santa, and all of it are bunk, she isn’t ready yet to let go.
Thank goodness. I love that her pink plastic castle is there, outside, waiting for the fairies to visit and be happy for all the offerings.
I love that she counted the peanuts — six of them — to check again in the morning to see if any would be gone.
And I’m glad she was so excited to wear her silly monkey pants to school today for pajama day.

Oh, and the other one? Well, I mostly tried to fend her off from destroying her sister’s castle. She looked adorable in her little preppy dress.

But then it became too difficult to photograph and keep her from wrecking Zoey’s stuff. So I put her in the chair to eat. And as it often does, we went from adorable to this:

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