Mom’s perspective

This could be one of my favorite images of my girls.
It makes that knot in my throat tighten, you know?
I love how Maddie’s feet are dirty. I love how Zoey is dancing up there on the hill with her arms all loose and ribbon like.
Oh, and the light…
In one shutter click, there it is. Them.
Maddie climbing her way to the top of that hill, to be with big sister.
Big sister already up top, totally in her own world.
I don’t need to see their faces.
I can see their hearts.

More below. (You didn’t think I would only post one, did you?!)

And just a couple moments from this morning…

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2 Responses to Mom’s perspective

  1. Torre says:

    love these soooo!

  2. That bottom one of your sweet baby is the shot I dream of getting of my boys, but our bathroom doesn’t have light like that. Wow. And the others…so full of pure heart. You are amazing and I’m so glad you “see” your girls.

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