We grow together

Yesterday, April 4, she turned five.

Five is one of THOSE birthdays. I put it with 16, 18, 21 and then the rest don’t matter too much until 50, I guess.

So in honor of my first born, I’m going to make some short lists.

ABOUT HER: She’s quirky. She’s into art and making things. She’s sensitive and shy. She’s not a princess so much, but pink is definitely her favorite color. Sometimes she tells me to turn off the TV for “peace and quiet.” She’s not a morning person. She loves the water and sand. She can be bossy, but generous. She still sleeps with her bunnies.

WHAT WE DID: On her birthday, there was no school so we went to the beach. She opened a few presents. We went to Target. We colored and made artwork together. We visited abuela and played with some kittens. We snuggled. She ate a lollipop and snickers bar for treats and tacos for dinner. She took phone calls (and a skype!) from people who wished her happy birthday. Today we did a caterpillar cupcake celebration in school. (They are studying the life cycle of a butterfly in class.)

THINGS SHE SAID ON THE DAY SHE TURNED FIVE: “Mommy, never sit on a rock. It could be a turtle.” “Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to see if I was bigger, but I think I’m still the same.”

I CRIED WHEN: I edited the photo of her with abuela and the kittens. I realized that my own mother (who has suffered from schizophrenia my entire life) made me a cupcake birthday cake when I was five, too.

SHE CRIED WHEN: Oh God, who knows how many times… She’s still just a kid, afterall. (Thank goodness.)

Maddie, you’re next.

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