Slice of Life (or crack?)

My entry this week for “Slice of Life” photo challenge.  This is my family on Christmas morning. Daddy with the flip cam, the biggest with her crack out, the littlest with her funny expression, matching stripey pjs, and the sock monkey audience. I have lots of prettier, sun-flare filled slice life of life kinds of images, but this one really sums up my family and makes me smile. (click the iheartfaces button to see more fun entries!)

This is one of my fave kinds of photography, so I was inspired to make a Flickr set of some of my recent faves that fall into this category!

Slice of Life on Flickr

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3 Responses to Slice of Life (or crack?)

  1. SuperL says:

    How funny! There’s no time to pull your pants up when you have presents to open! This is truly how Christmas mornings are… chaotic, sweet and silly. Great picture for Slice of Life!

  2. Christy says:

    love the crack! i have shots like that too!

  3. angela doran says:

    Hilarious!! love it!!

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